Hey, I’m back.

A couple of years ago I started a blog that detailed my move from Florida to Oregon and subsequent weight loss. It was called Westward Ho, a name that I was (and still am) tremendously proud of. Especially because, as much as I have tried at different times in my life, I have never been a ho.

The blog really went downhill when I quit the very strict diet I had been on, moved back east, and returned back to my original weight plus some. The deeper I get into my career as a writer for other people, the more I’ve craved having my own little slice of the internet and, so, here we are. Since the days of Westward Ho! I’ve gotten married, got fired from a job, started a career as a freelance writer, had a kid, started a garden, and aged a decade. 

I’m happier, less angsty, hopefully, wiser, and no longer claiming to have any answers. By day I write for other people. Blog posts, websites, brochures, articles. You name it, I’ve probably written it. I’m grateful for the work I do. It allows me to stay home with my son and still make money to contribute to our family. But it’s rarely creatively inspiring. That’s what this place is for. I dont have a theme or a brand, maybe those things will evolve over time. But my gut tells me that if I want to attract the right people to my work, I have to put it out into the world with crossed fingers and hope they find it.

With any luck, you are my people.

Published by Adrienne Freeland

Freelance writer, amateur gardener, perpetual home remodeler, cool mom.

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