Let’s tell your business’ story.

Compelling copy for your small business.

Here’s the thing…

You’re a successful small business owner who struggles to talk about yourself. Writing is not everyone’s strong suit, and writing about yourself can be more difficult than anything else. You don’t need to spend another moment fretting about your website, blog, or even that online course you wanted to create. It’s my job (and my joy) to partner with incredible small business owners like you to help you tell a better story about your small businesses. When you hire me, you get to spend more time doing what you’re great at, and I’ll make sure everyone sees what I see in you.

How do we start? Glad you asked.

As a copywriter, I create content to help people and businesses better connect with their audiences.

As a consultant, I help people tease out their best ideas and synthesize them into the next right steps.

As a blogger, I like to write about things as I see them. Always fighting for a more healthy and thoughtful view of the world.